I use technology to change the world for the better.

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[DevOps] Continuous Deployment Made Easy
Thursday, March 30, 2017 6:45 PM, Plalia HQ, San Jose

Ryan Develops Technologies with PURPOSE

Ryan is a serial entrepreneur and technology expert who learned to code on his own as a teenager. Ryan has over 16 years of software and infrastructure development experience.

He has lead projects for companies such as Netflix, Shutterstock, and HotelTonight, in addition to founding his own companies and serving as the Chief Technology Officer for various startups. Ryan is passionate about leading-edge technologies and applying them across various industries.

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“Ryan worked with me at HotelTonight on the DevOps team and he's very reliable, and cracker jack hacker with coding, and managing and executing projects for my team and other teams as well in an efficient and high-quality manner.”

Po Chen Po Chen, HotelTonight

“Ryan you gave such a wonderful presentation. It was a pleasure hosting you and this month's All Things Python meetup!”

Tubular Labs Tubular Labs

“I have worked with Ryan for over 5 years and I know him to be one of the most trustworthy technology advisers. Ryan understands various aspects of technology and can lead, recruit, train, and manage a well oiled engineering team (machine). He is easy to work with and is committed to delivering high quality work.”

Russ Gurvits Russ Gurvits, Plalia Technologies
American Bars

“Ryan is an awesome and brilliant tech partner.”

Building products with purpose

Ryan doesn't just code, he also builds products. Every product is built with a great purpose in mind.
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Empowering real estate agents sell smarter with Virtual Reality


Making paperless experience better and more secure than actual paper


Providing event organizers with the tools to run great events


Working in Ryan's team

Are you passionate about using technology to change the world? Are you excited about building cutting-edge technology? Ryan's team members describe the culture as "Fast, Fun, and Exciting." If you are excited about joining a high-performing team of great engineers, apply today.

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