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"Ryan advised our start up on how to scale our web application from being able to handle only 10k users to handling 1m users. And best of all, with zero downtime."

Chris L.
Engineering Manager at a San Francisco Start Up

Cloud infrastructure

Amazon Web Services (AWS), Rackspace, DigitalOcean, Engineyard, Heroku, Softlayer, Google Cloud. No matter which cloud your application runs on, I'm ready to help.


Whether you're moving from non-cloud to cloud environment, from one cloud to the other, or any direction possible, let's make sure it's done right.

Monitoring & Reliability

Is your application experiencing downtimes frequently? Let me come up with solutions to make your web application more reliable yet with fewer human interactions (self-healing).


Is your team working as efficiently as it can? Let's improve productivity by identifying workflow issues and implementing solutions to automate repetitive tasks.

application Architecting

From designing high-performing application, performance tuning, serverless application design, to migrating non-cloud ready application into a cloud environment.

Security and compliance

Want to strengthen your security? Do you need to be SOX, PCI, or HIPPA compliant? Let's work together on implementing policies that keep you compliant but not disrupting productivity.